Splish, splash, pure water fun.

Hotel with water slide in Obertauern.

Giant slide in the 4-star Hotel Glöcknerin on the slopes.

Kind sitzt am Ende der WasserrutscheOn your marks, get set, slide!
Pure water fun. But is it just for the youngest – or for the whole family? You will slide through 100m of water tunnel, with music and timekeeping functions, and then emerge with a huge splash in the pool at the bottom.

Music, timekeeping & exercise pool

The water slide at the Glöcknerin

Who is the fastest in the hotel with the water slide in Obertauern?

And most of all: who can’t get enough? Up the stairs and down to fun! The hotel with the water slide welcomes all mermaids and swimming pros, current and aspiring swimming champions! The electronic timekeeping feature means you can have a cool sliding competition. Compete against each other and against the clock – and get your name onto the leaderboard!

Kind am Anfang der Wasserrutsche
Wasserrutsche im Hotel Glöcknerin

Now it was clearly time for the highlight of the day. The water slide was awesome, a marvellous load of splish, splosh, splashing excitement with 100m of sliding fun. You could even race for the fastest sliding time. Because the built-in timekeeping function just cried out for a bit of friendly competition. Wow, that was fun.
Kleinkind spielt am Beckenrand
Up and down in endless play, 100 metres, don’t delay! Who will win the shining gold, Go, go, go for young and old.
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