Our splendid hotel on the ski slopes in Obertauern.

The Hotel Glöcknerin.

& Lea’s story.

...and at some point, it quietly began to jingle. Here at the 4 star Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern, there is plenty to enjoy and experience. Holidays should, first and foremost, offer rest and recuperation. A time when you can be pampered round the clock. From the moment you wake up, rested and relaxed, in our beautifully designed suites and apartments until you drift off into a pleasant sleep.

Time for a story

Lea’s world

Today, we would like to tell you a little story. This story is about Lea, our little daughter. Lea is three years old. And like all children, she is very, very curious. She is constantly asking questions.

Why is the sky in Obertauern blue?
Why does the sun only shine during the day?
Why do marmots hibernate in winter in Obertauern?
And how do all the little men get inside the television?
Why, what for, how?

What’s more, she’s like a little whirlwind – always rushing about everywhere. Sometime she even hides from us. We look for her in vain – until she pops up mischievously from behind a sofa, or giggles from beneath a table.

One day, she was running around the Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern as usual, when she met Granny Johanna. Lea was in one of her inquisitive moods: “Granny, what is happiness?” Granny Johanna smiled and answered: “Look, Lea, I have something for you. A small bell on a little ribbon. I’m going to hang it on your wrist. And this will serve two purposes. First of all, we will be able to hear you wherever you go in the hotel on the ski slopes in Obertauern, and we won’t have to look for you anymore. And secondly, the bell will soon answer your question with a little bit of happiness.”

And do you know, the bell answered straight away:
Kind sitzend am Tisch
happiness has many sides, colours, faces and melodies. Listen carefully to what the bell is telling you about them.

Your hosts, the Huber family: Franz junior, Nadine, Lea, Ella, Granny Johanna and Granddad Franz

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