Splashing, plunging, enjoying.

The water world at the Hotel Glöcknerin.

Wellness at the highest level

What is really good for the body and soul after a wonderful day of skiing? Enjoying the endless lightness of being in the warm water. Panta rhei. Everything flows. Life, energy – and not least the carving momentum.

Lean back and enjoy

Our panorama indoor pool in Obertauern

That’s why it’s not only pleasurable but also relaxing and more than pleasant to relax all your muscles and tensions in the warm water. Enjoy the neck jet. And give yourself up to the gentle whirlpool function. Water as the elixir of life, wherever you feel. Let’s give ourselves to the flow, above all, the relaxing flow. Develop feelings and feel lightened. Discover a new, floating state in the weightlessness of the water, and let all your burdens simply flow away. We sense the energy of the water. We accept it and take it in. We slow down our lives. We let ourselves become slower, reduce our pulse – and all our burdens flow away from us.

Splashing around, athletic swimming or just dreaming?

Pantaba. There are no limits to fantasy.

And none at all to enjoyment in the cool water. A bit of flowing combined with panoramic views and more. Simply letting go with a relaxing underwater massage and energising neck jet, and enjoying the almost endless expanse of the 130m² of water surface. Take a break in the spacious quiet lounge gallery and celebrate the stillness.

The spacious panorama pool in Obertauern has room for the whole family. Whether athletic swimming, splashing around or dreaming: simply cast off the weight of everyday life and feel the childlike carelessness of light movements. Give way to your own internal ebb and flow and enjoy a new rhythm in time with the tides.

Hmm. Lea thought about it. What could she do now? Perhaps even get into mischief? That’s right, she hadn’t investigated the swimming pool yet. Straight into her swimsuit, she spread her water wings and headed down to the pool.
Kleinkind spielt am Beckenrand
Swimming and diving, perhaps even splashing, Swiftly through wonderful water onrushing, The family playing in cool wet as one, Together it’s truly especially fun.

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