Kleinkind auf einer Massageliege

After skiing.

Massage & wellness treatments.

Goodbye tensions – fit and ready for the next day of skiing.


Massages & wellness treatments as an Après Ski experience

SPA enjoyment at the Glöcknerin

And after skiing? At the so-called Après Ski? How about taking care of your own self for a change? At the Glöcknerin, we combine the comfortable with the useful. Because pleasure comes from acceptance. The energy of our therapists’ healing hands and the gentle caressing touches that clear your blockages. Healing hands that cancel out the tensions and not only make you fit for another day on the slopes, but also for everyday life.

Let yourself be pampered

Our treatments & massages

Classic full body massage

Full body muscle (Swedish Massage) for relieving tensions and loosening the muscles. Promotes muscular and skin circulation. This leads to relaxation and toxins are dissolved and flushed away.

approx. 40 min. €57
approx. 50 min. €68
approx. 60 min. €79
approx. 90 min. €108

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage approx. 60 min. €79
Light full body massage, simply for relaxation.

Classic partial body massage (back)

Standard approx. 25 min. €37

The back is normally treated but of course, you can also choose to have your legs, arms or hands pampered. Muscle massage for relieving tensions and loosening the muscles.

Ski fit massage

Ski Fit approx. 30 min. €44
with focus on knees approx. 40 minutes €62

Leg and foot massage for tired skiers’ legs. Ensuring you continue to enjoy your holidays.

Combination massage

The combination of foot reflexology massage and classic massage significantly increases the effect on the muscles and body.

Combination massage I approx. 30 min. €49
Consisting of approx. 10 min. foot reflexology massage and approx. 20 min. back massage.

Combination massage II approx. 70 min. €103
Consisting of approx. 20 min. foot reflexology massage and approx. 40 min. full body massage.

Foot reflexology massage

Standard approx. 20 min. €39
Special approx. 30 min. €49

Full-body reflex treatment via the feet
to detect weak points and treat these accordingly.

Foot massage

Foot massage approx. 20 min. €32

To revitalise tired feed with therapeutic foot cream.

Classic facial massage

Facial massage approx. 20 min. €32

Lymphatic drainage

Facial lymphatic drainage approx. 20 min. €39
Body lymphatic drainage approx. 30 min. €49
Full body lymphatic drainage approx. 60 min. €92

A soft, flowing and pumping massage for detoxification and decongestion.
Has a very calming effect and relieves fluid accumulations in the tissue.

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage approx. 20 min. €39
This is a stimulating massage and therefore very intense, eliminating adhesions of the
skin layers, boosting circulation and having a reflex effect on organs.
This is a back treatment.

Connective tissue massage with back massage approx. 40 min. €62
Very intense massage through the combination of connective tissue and classic back massage techniques.

Hot stone

Standard approx. 60 min. €89
Special approx. 80 min. €107

The hot stone is a light full-body massage. Hot basalt stones
and warm oil generate deep relaxation.

Kiddies’ massage with chocolate oil

Children’s massage approx. 20 min. €32

Legs and backs will be pampered with pleasant massaging pressure and stroking.
This treatment can, if preferred, be enjoyed with warm chocolate oil.
After the massage, a small, sweet treat awaits.

Rediscover your centre

Enjoy letting go and delving into deeper layers

Of both your muscles and fasciae, kneaded during the treatment and freed of adhesions, and your consciousness. Lay yourself down and simply trust, until your thoughts stand still – and make space for just feeling energy pathways as they cleanse themselves and fill you with strength once again. We rediscover our own centre, a smile rises from the depths of our being – and we feel somehow different – as if reborn. Or at least newly relaxed!

Lea quietly tiptoed onward – and came to the massage room. She lay down on the soft lounger – and suddenly felt therapeutic hands kneading her back and gently massaging her shoulders. “This is so lovely,” she thought.
Kleinkind auf einer Massageliege
Become as one in body, mind and soul, Find fulfilling freedom, new and whole, Soul, heart and head are all caressed, The whole by well-being now possessed.
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