Obertauern’s culinary hotspot.

Eating & drinking at the Glöcknerin.

The restaurant in Obertauern at the Hotel Glöcknerin.

Our Restaurant Herzenslust is also celebrating its first birthday this year. From the initial idea, the design and ambience have blossomed into an actual feast for the eyes.

The original vision of a hip, cool, trendy and fresh menu is now reflected in culinary delicacies. The heart, or “Herz”, therefore meets its desire, or “Lust”. It really doesn’t get better than this. And yet, this culinary destination in the heart of the Tauern is aiming high. Where the mountains meet the snow. And hunger and good appetite are paired with passion. You could even say: this restaurant in Obertauern is where those who recognise a culinary delight are sure to find it.

Warm-hearted charisma meets

Regional products

On this very point, we are constantly trying to bring the idea of an Obertauern restaurant outside the box: how would it be if we simply said – in culinary terms, naturally: yes, we can. Then, suddenly, everything would be possible. Regional products get together with warm-hearted charisma from Granny’s recipe book. And international sophistication is happy to peek over the edge of the plate. From the kitchen drift the tantalising aromas of honey from the Tauern, fresh game from Grandad’s hunt, agricultural products from the Pinzgau and Pongau, mushrooms from the Lungau...

The menu begins to tell stories and thrills guests with impeccable examples of edible inspiration. The potatoes play a leading role as homemade chips, while the calamari and king prawns join forces in an elegant duet. With an underlying theme of hearty pleasure that melts in the mouth while leaving a lasting smile on the lips.

That’s what happens when you take a break from the everyday and follow your “Herzenslust”, your heart’s desire. Suddenly and unexpectedly. Arrive. Calm down. Welcome to the restaurant in Obertauern. A ritual of enjoyment for the soul. Find your centre once again. Herzenslust may just be your regular holiday destination for this purpose. The length of a Kaiserschmarren pancake. Or for unforgettable menus with matched wines. The world of feeling good is colourful. We are adding a new colour. It’s brand new, enjoyable and tasty. Our heart’s desire – pink. It represents a mixture of passionate red and flowing blue, in the shape of a heart. Curious?

Wow, what a day. Lea was starting to get hungry. She was off to Restaurant Herzenslust. She admired the cool furnishings, and especially liked all the pink.
Kleinkind trinkt aus einem Glas
Heart meets desire in Herzenslust, Great regional produce is a must, Pasta or steaks, the very best meat, Or perhaps a fine glass your meal will complete?

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