On the ski slopes themselves.

Apartments in Obertauern.

Combined with a state-of-the-art 4-star standard.

Well, if that’s not a dream holiday... Holiday apartments are gaining popularity for winter holidays. Especially the modern apartments offered by the Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern, which can accommodate not just small families, but also entire friendship circles.

For small families or entire friendship circles

Apartments on the ski slopes right in Obertauern

The apartments at the Hotel Glöcknerin, conveniently located on the ski slopes, conjure up a modern atmosphere of well-being and combine state-of-the-art comfort with luxurious fittings. Because time has become our greatest luxury. Time spent together is what matters. Time with family, time with friends. Moments and memories created in the Obertauern apartment hotel will last. Where better to experience great times together than on a magnificent family holiday in a holiday apartment in Obertauern?

A shared breakfast in the morning, then a relaxed skiing day with all the trimmings, a snazzy Après Ski on the terrace of our Restaurant Herzenslust, then perhaps a foray into the panorama pool with a round of sliding races for our youngest guests, before a joint games evening in the cosy apartments of the Obertauern apartment hotel? Simply switch off, recharge your batteries and you’ll be ready to start afresh!

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Lea took in every detail of each of the many different apartments. She just couldn’t decide which one she liked best.
Kind hüpft auf dem Hotelbett
Apartments like crystals, they glitter so bright, No single one in any way alike, Jewels of good feeling, no wonder they shine, The perfect beginning to holiday time!

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