Cross-country skiing in Obertauern is healthy, keeps you fit and also promises even pure winter pleasure.

Discover cross-country skiing in Austria

Cross-country skiing in Austria offers fantastic benefits to participants: it keeps you fit and lets you embrace the pure joy of winter. The many trails in Obertauern will let you connect with nature in the wonderful winter landscape of the high Alps.

With snow on the ground from the end of November to the beginning of May, cross-country skiing trails will tempt enthusiasts to visit Obertauern in the province of Salzburg.

Overview of cross-country skiing trails in Obertauern, Austria

  • Hundsfeld Trail - Length - 6km
    Start this beautiful sunny trail north of the sports centre. The best section of this trail leads through the Hundsfeld Moor nature sanctuary and ends with an exhilarating downhill to the sports centre. Another starting point for the Hundsfeld Trail can be found close to the kiting area.
  • World Cup Trail - Length - 10km
    Join this promising 10km intermediate trail near Hotel Gloecknerin itself. Don't forget that the hotel is located directly on the pistes: ski out and ski in!
  • Gnadenalm Trail - Length - 10km (
    The Gnadenalm is one of the trails in the Alps with the highest snowfall. Join it 4km outside of Obertauern on the road for Radstadt.
  • Twenger Au Cross-Country Trail - Length - 23km
    This trail connects the villages of Tweng and Mauterndorf. Access points are at Franzenbauer in the centre of Tweng; at the lumberyard in Twenger Lantschfeld; opposite the Purnbauer in Vordertweng and at the Maly bus stop.
  • Taurach Cross-Country Trail - Length - 13km
    This trail connects Untertauern and Radstadt. You will remember the wonderful panoramas along this trail long after you have returned home.

Choose your favourite trail for cross-country skiing in Austria and set out to explore the environment surrounding your hotel in Obertauern. Send a no obligation holiday enquiry today and you will soon be setting out on cross-country skiing trails from Hotel Gloecknerin.