Skifahrer sitzen auf dem Gipfel

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The ski opening festivities in Obertauern.

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The ski opening celebration in Obertauern fires the starting gun for the new winter sports season every year. Don’t miss this spectacle!

A must for every ski athlete and party animal

The official beginning of the next winter season

The ski opening festivities in Obertauern – a highlight right at the beginning of the winter sports season that no-one should miss. Especially at the end of November, Obertauern enjoys some of the best guaranteed snow cover in the Alps. The best possible slope conditions and fantastic panoramic views, together with live music and a lot of partying right at the very top of Obertauern – an absolute must for every ski athlete and party animal.

Skifahrer bei der Abfahrt
Skifahrer in der Gondel

Great comfort in the Glöcknerin Apartment Hotel

Splendid ski days or party weekend?

Spend splendid ski days or party weekends in Obertauern here at the Glöcknerin Apartment Hotel, conveniently located on the ski slopes, and enjoy the highest degree of comfort. The start of the new winter season in the Salzburg region’s Obertauern is a legendary event and a fixed item on the ski calendar for every skier.

Wintergäste auf der Berghütte
Regionaler Schnaps auf der Berghütte

Unforgettable holiday days

Be there!

Be there and enjoy unforgettable winter holiday days in Obertauern, at the Glöcknerin Apartment Hotel.

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