Ski holidays in Obertauern with the whole family.

Family holidays in Obertauern.

in the 4-star Hotel Glöcknerin.

Holidays with the family. Finally. Skiing and winter fun. Finally. There has to be a snow guarantee. Apartments would be nice. What can we come up with? That’s easy: a family holiday at the Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern.

Kids & more

Leisure options for our youngest guests

Because at the Glöcknerin, a lot revolves around the kids. Not just in our apartments, but especially in the terrific range of leisure options for our youngest guests. First, there’s the giant slide, where you can have plenty of fun plunging 100 metres down into the water. Make it a race, if you want. Because the built-in timekeeping function calls for a bit of competitive sliding....

Alpine. Cool. Chic.

Our apartments speak for the whole family.

They are entirely comfortable. Adlerhorst, Fuchsbau, Grizzlyhöhle. The welcoming concept and a bedtime story in each name. In keeping with the theme, everything is designed using genuine natural materials. What else could we have, where the foxes say goodnight and the bears are off to play “Winnie-the-Pooh”? Not to mention the eagle parents spoiling their children with delicious treats. And yet: no one suite is the same as another, “off the rack” is not in our vocabulary here at the Glöcknerin.

This attention to detail makes every family holiday both special and unique. And this variety makes every family holiday in Obertauern a very special, individual experience. From the band of rascals to the in-laws.

Lea thought about it. What could the day bring? Full and satisfied, she set off to look for Mummy, Daddy and Ella. Everything would be much better together. Playing, reading stories, feeling good: family time is precious.
Kleinkind im Kinderspielraum
Happiness lies within people for life, That’s what makes closeness and cosiness rife, Treat yourself to as many good times as you can, Loving and laughing with joy in your clan

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