The breakfast for gourmets.

A perfect start to the ski day.

Breakfast or bread roll service? That is the question...

Frühstücksbereich in der GlöcknerinBreakfast impressions
Feel good right from the very first second. Enjoy a wonderfully deep sleep. The mountain air alone will see to that. And at some point, you extract your head from the pillows, and give up the embrace of downy comfort. Venture out into a day promising plenty of snowflake magic. But before you step into the winter world, your morning culinary experience awaits you. 

A good start to the day with

The breakfast buffet at the Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern

If you want to enjoy a fun-filled day of carving, you need to start your day with plenty of energy. With the abundant breakfast buffet at the Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern.

The many tasty treats will give you plenty of energy to start the Tauernrunde. Have a comfortable chat, breathe in the aroma of cappuccino and examine the newspapers. From the Krone to the Zeit and the Presse to the Rundschau. Because it’s often the little things in life that make a big difference. A friendly smile, a glass of prosecco to wake you up, a fresh, fragrant croissant or the fried eggs that Granny Johanna personally prepares for you. But not only do cereal, fruit and nourishing delights await, but also hearty delicacies from the farmers of the region. Fresh salami, bacon and preserved onions are joined by salmon and tasty ham.

Granny and Nadine’s homemade jams and organic honey from the Tauern will provide the first sweet temptations of the day. You might choose healthy, with the different varieties of cereal, fruit salad and yoghurt, or hearty with sausages, cheese, bacon and fresh eggs: with our “break slow” instead of “break fast” buffet, no culinary wishes will be left unfulfilled! Those who prefer to make their own breakfast can take advantage of our daily bread roll service, which is always sure to keep the fresh aroma of pretzel sticks, pretzels and more wafting through the building!

Kleinkind sitzt beim Frühstück
Frühstücksbuffet Hotel Glöcknerin

Lea had had a wonderful sleep. She was ready for new adventures. She had best head for breakfast with a panoramic view of the Tauern summit.
Kind sitzt am Tisch beim Frühstück
Break your fast to start a wondrous day, A croissant and coffee then on your way, Tasty delights all made at home, Fuel heart and body with joy to roam.
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