A world of wonders. Hotel Glöcknerin in Obertauern.

The Murmele Playroom.

Fun and games for your family holiday in Obertauern.

Kleinkind beim Toben im KinderspielraumFun & games in the Murmele Playroom
Children and stories go together like bread and butter. Every day, they live out their own personal fairytale. With big wide eyes, they make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them on every stage of their journey.

The moment is king

Fun & games for the little ones

Fill up your day with interesting adventures, fresh experiences, exciting friendships with people you didn’t even know yesterday and will have forgotten by tomorrow. A colourful rainbow full of surprises. Today is all that counts. The moment is king.

There are plenty of adventurous moments in the Murmele Playroom. Along with the Paw Patrol, Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo, Mowgli & Baloo, a fabulous new indoor climbing wall, table tennis, billiards and the table football championship await you.

However, the highlight is the new water slide, which offers 100 metres of sliding pleasure. Up and down and into to splish, splosh, splashing fun. You can make it a competition if you want. Because the built-in timekeeping function calls for a bit of competitive sliding...

Now you just have to convince Mum and Dad.
We can’t wait to meet you!

Kinderspielraum | Hotel Glöcknerin
Kleinkind im Kinderspielraum

The next item on Lea’s agenda was the Murmele Playroom. Along with Winnie-the-Pooh, Fred Flintstone & more, Lea discovered a whole lot of new friends, a new, amazing climbing frame, table tennis, a children’s computer and much more.
Kleinkind sitzt im Kinderspielraum
Climbing, playing, romping, going wild, Fantasy has no limits for a child, Friends now forever or only today, Eyes lighting up with joy-filled play!
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