Ball in your hand – get set – go.

The new bowling lane.

Happiness sounds like a strike!

Beleuchtete Bowlingbahn der Hotel GlöcknerinWho will get the first strike?
Not only children and young people will get their money’s worth here. The in-house bowling lane promises fun & a great atmosphere for young and old. Who feels like a game?


The bowling lane

Who will hit all nine? Special non-slip shoes are available in all sizes. We also have electronic scoring, all kinds of competition options and a separate children’s gutter, to keep the balls on course. It’s best just to have a go now!

Kleinkind beim Bowling
Bowlingkugel und das goldene Glöckchen

What a day. So many experiences and even more laughs. Before she went to sleep, Lea just had to get a strike. So she persuaded Daddy Franz to go bowling with her.
Kleinkind in der hoteleigenen Bowlingbahn
Bowling sure is fun for all, You’ll need good eyes and too a ball, Laugh, have fun and celebrate, Never mind the hour is late!
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