The fantastic range of obstacles at the snowboard park in Obertauern, Austria, will delight boarders

Visit the funpark during your snowboard holidays

Look forward to snowboard holidays in Austria. Alongside the snow covered pistes, snowboard enthusiasts will enjoy the obstacles at the Snowpark Obertauern "The Spot". The great news is that at the four-star Hotel Gloecknerin in Obertauern you are at the heart of the action.

Located just 20 m from your hotel at the Kehrkopf chair lift, Snowpark Obertauern "The Spot" is an exciting facility for your snowboard holidays in Austria.

And even if you don't feel confident enough to test your skills on a snowboard, the snowboard park is a great place for spectators to gather as well: let the snowboarders of Obertauern, Austria, entertain you!

The following challenges await you at the Snowpark Obertauern "The Spot:

  • 3 kickers (small 6 m, medium 10 m, big 14 m)
  • 2 easy rollers (4 m) 1 corner (20x6 m)
  • 1 wallride, slanted coping (4x3 m)
  • >straight rails (9 m, 8 m, 6 m, 5 m, 2x4 m)
  • rainbow rails (6 m)
  • straight boxes (9 m, 2x4 m, 2x3 m)
  • kinked box (6m )
  • double kinked box (9 m)
  • curved box (6 m)
  • A-frame powerade box (11 m)
  • quarterpipe (easy but fun!!!)
  • tree stump (2x)

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