Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn to ski, or a more experienced winter sports enthusiast who would like to take their skiing to the next level, the CSA Ski School in Obertauern, Austria, is the perfect choice for you.

The CSA Ski School in Obertauern

The instructors have an excellent know-how and will help you make the most of your ski holidays. In no time at all you will be confidently exploring the slopes of the Obertauern ski resort on your own. In addition, the Grillitsch Ski School is located at the Hotel Gloecknerin in Obertauern.

A variety of ski lessons are available at the CSA Ski School in Obertauern

Group ski lessons are a great way to make new friends during your ski holidays in Austria. Or if this is your first family ski holiday why not book some family lessons at the Obertauern ski resort. The experienced team of instructors at the Grillitsch Ski School have the skills and knowledge of the area to be able to advise you on where to start exploring the Obertauern piste plan. For the more adventurous guests the ski school can also offer specialist tours: ice climbing, snowshoe hiking and snow safaris.

Learn to ski on snowy slopes

In addition to experienced instructors who in no time will have you racing down the slopes of Obertauern, skiing holidays in this part of the province of Salzburg are enhanced by the snow sure nature of the resort. For more details and prices visit the website of Grillitsch Ski School.

Let the experts guide you as you learn to ski from the four-star Hotel Gloecknerin in Obertauern. Skiing on the slopes that are sure to have snow is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Send a no obligation enquiry for your next ski holidays in Austria now.

CSA Ski school Grillitsch